How to become a good gamer?

Gaming is generally seen as a medium to get away from all the daily stress and have some moments of enjoyment. But it is not the same for everyone; some take it as a competition, and for some, it is an opportunity to establish their name in the rapidly growing esports industry.

People generally state that to be good at gaming, you at least have to go with 18 hours of constant gaming daily. This technique works very well if you need to turn yourself to be a game addict. To be an expert gamer, you ought to do these things:

Have a job

Gaming can be costly, and when you are beginning, you won’t have support or a group to pay those expenses for you. It’s better to have a job and pay the costs on your own.

Learn to socialize communicate and network

The esports industry is tiny and niche. Learn to connect with everyone and anyone you can so that you have as many doors open as possible.


Ever wonder why there aren’t many obese gamers? People who exercise have a quick reaction time and can spend more time sitting down without any medical problems. Moreover, exercise makes you look good, which is one of the many benefits of exercise.

Train. Don’t game

Each time you are playing a game, you are preparing. Judge yourself, know your weaknesses, and try to overcome them. Record your games and watch them see what you could have improved.

Practice with and against good players

You can’t just practice against noobs every day and expect to become better. You are just as good as the environment you are playing against. If you always play against people who have a slower reaction time then yourself, you will never push your muscle memory to become faster.

Take some time off the game.

Many times after playing for several hours, you don’t tend to perform with your full efficiency and concentration. It happens because the game starts to bore you, and you don’t want to play it anymore. Under such circumstances, it’s better to take some time off the game and take some rest or engage in some other activities.

Get enough rest

You can’t give your best if you are already tired. To perform well, you have to be well-rested and in your complete senses.

Have a fanbase

It turns out to be simpler to get found as a pro gamer if you have a youtube, Instagram, twitch, or anything fanbase. The more people that like you and know you, the more successful you will become.

Try not to go insane.

Some star gamers made a good amount of money and weren’t able to hold onto it for long enough. We have witnessed many instances of star gamers losing their cool and swearing, making them loose agreements and sponsorships.

Practice good sportsmanship

A good gamer should always play fair and have generous behavior regardless of the outcome of the match. People often mistake it just by the measurement of skill, but it isn’t. One can be good at a game, heck he can be the best, but he can still be a lousy gamer if he lacks the quality of a good sportsman. 

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