How to become a Businessman?

Mostly we think that if we don’t have something in our pocket, then it means we are nothing. But in my view, if we have an idea in our mind, it is more than enough to fill that empty pocket.

whenever it comes to the business, we all start thinking about capital. but in actuality, all you need is a plan and vision. If you even don’t have capital you can still earn well. Today, I will tell you that how you can become a businessman. First of all, we all have to know that business is a Skill and Art. It can be learned and can be found in ourselves. 

                                  when I was a child, I was naughty and clever but didn’t know that one day I will do business. My father is a businessman and I used to see him while dealing. when I went into my university I got an opportunity to provide some services. I discussed it with my father and he provided me with his relevant contacts and I earned a reasonable profit. I observed many things in my dealings that I tackled everything very skillfully, all because of some genetic and observation. 

Likewise, many of you people also have various business skills but no one bothers. the simplest way is to find your skills in which you are best. Like you are good at dealings or in convincing others, also if you are good in the presentation then these are all the required criteria to become a businessman.

All you need in business is confidence in yourself, patience, and polite words for clients no matter how bad he is. Business is all about risks and patience. If you don’t take risks you can not step up. And if you are not patient then you can lose alot.

secondly, we can learn from others’ experiences and lifestyles. Most of the things in our lives we have been learned from others by observing them. Business needs a reconnaissance survey because it really helps us to learn the previous reputation of the business and clients also its demand. 

I have learned alot from my father by observing him very closely. Basically no one knows that he has a particular skill until or unless he tests it. untill or unless you don’t do business you can not find a hidden businessman inside you. 

So, now summing up, a businessman needs patience, far sight, confidence, life long learning, good dealing and at the end last but not the least business ethics. I will tell you why we need such skills:


In business, if you are not patient it means you going to earn nothing but a bad reputation. Because impatient person goes crazy he asked to wait.

Far Sight:

A businessman should have far sight because he has to calculate his profit or loss and has to make decisions before time.

Life long Learning:

In every field of life, a life long learner is successful because he has an upgraded version of the market. A person who does not change himself with time, time changes himself.


confidence is necessary because you need to make decisions and all the decisions and dealings need confidence. 90% of people fail to do business just because of the confidence lagging.

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