How the law of attraction really works?

Law of attraction says you become what you feel like — so you can get what you want if you are in that feeling state where you feel assured you will have it, and you deserve it. It is nothing strange, and its definitely not fake or something people made up. It works but through the subconscious mind — you have to believe, feel, and act like you have that thing you have desired for. 

Question: But why don’t I see it working for me — in my life even after trying my best?

Well, if you started out with not feeling like you can have your manifestation, your subconscious also felt unworthy, but still, as you start to feel as if you have your manifestations, your subconscious starts to argue it.

Most of the time, your subconscious would win since it has your beliefs, which were formed after being proven true repeatedly. 

That’s the reason why you didn’t get into the feeling state even though you have faked it. Also, desperation, neediness, and other feelings arise sometimes if you want to manifest something badly — which is not what Law of attraction supports. 

Question: What all can we manifest through the Law of attraction?

Although you can manifest anything and everything, you must still have some realistic expectations. If you think you can manifest what you cannot even perceive what you thought isn’t even possible and is nowhere in your visualization, you cannot have it. 

But no one decides what “realistic expectations” are. So, you can still aim for anything without trying to use your logic; you must believe that even though it doesn’t happen in real life, it would still work for you in your dreams atleast. If you have had a dream, a goal which seemed unreal, but you were still passionate about as such you don’t care if it happens or not, you just want to live it, it does come true. There have been many such inventions where no one believed it would happen, but it did!

Question: How to make Law of attraction work for you?

The Law of attraction works for those who just simply think like a child; they want to have something but don’t think much about how they can have it. If you think for longer, you basically will push your manifestations away due to your beliefs –these beliefs do determine what you will have or not have through subconscious programming. 

  • Decide what you want, or just dare to see how your ultimate, best possible life can feel or look like. 
  • If you have trouble visualizing enough, start using affirmations — but realistic ones who don’t contradict your beliefs. These affirmations can be like “I don’t have my manifestation, but I am on working on getting things to work for me and am expecting it soon.” Say these but also do some activities which would slowly bring you closer to your goals. 
  • Every day before sleeping, you need to tell yourself how your perfect life looks like, and with that mood, you should sleep. Do the same when you wake up in the morning as you are more receptive to affirmations.
  • You can also use hypnosis for subconscious mind programming, although it is done by a certified hypnotherapist, you can also do self-hypnosis. 
  • You can use subliminal, which basically has affirmations played silently, which your subconscious can catch and help you manifest. 
  • Try to not accept anything less than you would want, always choose a good feeling thought more than a bad one. If you feel like you can’t have something, you have to list out reasons in your mind for why you should have those manifestations and that you deserve it all. 

The Law of attraction is simple and works every time, regardless of our attempts to make it work. The key is to make subconscious believe in the manifestations fully, without any doubts. 

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