Image showing multi curricular activity by a single person.


Juniors talking about John:

Hey look at him is he that cool guy who played guitar yesterday on the occasion of teacher’s day? Yup he is in final year, I saw his photo on the toppers page. Friends told me that he is damn cool.

Teacher to John:

Hey why are you becoming so worse day by day? Why are you not concentrating on your studies? What is your problem?

Classmates to John:

Hey in today’s cricket match I have arranged a bet; the winning team gets 50 $; so, you have to bunk the class and you are the only fast bowler in our team. Be ready dude at 2 o clock in the afternoon.

Father to John:

Are you studying well son? Your GATE exam is approaching; do concentrate on your studies. Take care of your health and eat regularly don’t stay hungry without cooking.

John to Himself:

This bloody engineering has ruined my life; I was a national scholar in playing drums I should have gone to Berklee College and become a professional there. I still play drums; I still compose music but I don’t showoff and literally nobody knows that. I love studying too, but I am going to be the worst engineering ever. I know I can score good marks in GATE but how do I give the whole time to study?? Music is in my blood; it keeps me thinking about compositions the whole day. I love games too, but how do I make a balance between everything. Why am I gifted with multi talents GOD why??? Being multi-talented is a boon or a curse?

This goes with John and many others like John who didn’t follow their passion and entered that stage of life from where the option to quit was unavailable. Everything that John spends time with whether it is a guitar, study, drums, tennis, cricket, singing he gets better with-it day by day. John was going to be an engineer by profession, so he had to have the knowledge of engineering which he didn’t like. Besides he had to financially support his family so he made his mind and concentrated on studies forcefully along with his co-curricular activities. However, the topper of 1st year John could no longer score good marks to be the topper of the class then. He couldn’t understand why he was not the best in any of the fields now as if he is a jack of all trades but a master of none. The reason for him being mediocre or of average quality in every field was his inability to constructively deal with his multi-talents. Everyone tells him he is so lucky to have this boon of multi-talents, however, sometimes he felt like it was a curse to him. With this state of mind, John struggled every day, but he was very determined to find a way to build a balance of life and succeed in life later on.

Moral :

From this story, we can understand that it is very important at childhood to see what we are excellent at whether it is sports, music, study or anything and choosing it as a profession brings you success in a hasty manner because you would be loving what you are doing and vice versa. Being multi-talented isn’t a curse at all; we only need to specify what things we are going to choose as a profession and what are our hobbies. Life is beautiful and easy if we know how to live it although most of us make it complex and assume that’s how life is.

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