It looks like even more content will be coming to Grand Theft Auto Online in the form of ten vehicles, according to the Rockstar Games leaker. Even since the opening of the Diamond Casino Resort inside the Grand Theft Auto Online, players have been able to spin a giant wheel in hopes of winning large amounts of money or in-game prizes like vehicles. Now, it seems like the pool of prizes is about to grow.

Recently, players were able to gain access to Grand Theft. Auto Online’s new F1 racing cars ahead of the official DLC release by winning them via Diamond Casino wheel, and although all of the signs surrounding the company points towards Rockstar revealing some news about Grand Theft Auto 6 in the next few months there is still no sign of them slowing down support of GTA Online.

Now, according to one Grand Theft Auto Leaker in a post on Twitter (thanks, Dexerto) players no that at least ten more vehicles will be added to the Diamond Casino prize pool, including the R88, JB700W, and the Shotaro. 54 of the cars were added into the game’s code during the previous update, another five were apparently included with the GTA 5 update that occurs on March 5th. There is no confirmation on these vehicles will be accessible by the public, but interested players can check out the reported background changes to Grand Theft Auto Online.

As reported by Dexerto, the newest vehicle included the Sultan Classic, Deluxo, Reaper, Tempests, and Pariah. Although Rockstar’s biggest new change, the inclusion of F1 racing cars to GTA Online, added in fun new vehicles with pretty interesting physical capabilities such as allowing players to option of driving on the ceiling, players will undoubtedly be excited at the possibility of winning this relatively expensive car at the Diamond Casino and Resort, instead of spending their hard-earned money to buy them via the in-game website

Whether this information is legitimate or not remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Rockstar isn’t planning on stopping support of Grand Theft Auto Online any time soon. Although the multiplayer version of the company’s landmark open-world series may have had a rocky start, its longevity and a constant stream of new, always free content has kept players coming back over and over again. With Red Dead Online and a new GTA game on the horizon, some gamers may worry that their progress in Grand Theft Auto Online may come to a close, but if the information is to be believed, that is most definitely not the case.

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