Gorilla Glue Beats Super Glue

Let me share with you about Gorilla Glue and then I will share my experience with you, with photos. How does it compare to super glue?

I am sure you will find it very interesting. If you have never tried it you will want to and then you will never be without it!

Live and Learn. Gorilla Glue wins over Super Glue – Hands down

A few months back my son was doing some projects for me and he needed a good glue. Well, I immediately thought of super glue, what is stronger than super glue? It is always a waste though isn’t it if you only need a little for you may as well throw away any left over, it never keeps. I have tried many ways to seal it and still it dries up and is such a waste in a world where we try to fight against that!

It will not come out of the same hole either and there is a serious risk of shooting your eye full of it trying to make a new one! Sometimes I find too that even though my fingers may be bonded forever, my intended object is not. It is all I know though and so I offer to go for a large supply.

My son instead mentions a glue called Gorilla Glue. I laugh, but I am interested. Gorilla…wow…has to be strong, huh? Stronger than super glue, OK, I have to see it for sure.

Now the sad part is; although I pick up this interesting glue and see that “wow” it looks like golden liquid and I see the little gorilla on the bottle and pay a moderate price considering how little you get in the super glue containers…but I forget all about the project and it is over and he is gone and where did he use it and how did it work?

OK, no big deal. I have shoes that need the soles glued on the back and that will tell me for sure.

I have already put super glue on an older pair and they really didn’t stick back too good, maybe not enough glue but still it will be nice to try something new.

I have this habit of leaving my walking shoes tied and slip them off with the other shoe on the heel.

Apparently, the strain of pulling a tied shoe off repeatedly (that stays tied) can pull at the seams a little bit for this has happened to a few pairs of really good shoes; or so that is the case with many of mine, Nike or otherwise.

Commonly Used to Repair Wooden Furniture – Uses Never-ending!

Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane adhesive to stick to practically every kind of surface. It expands as it sets which makes it just what the doctor ordered for repairing absorbent surfaces as well as smooth.

Gorilla Tape Tale

On a fishing trip in Canada, the canoe from our outfitter leaked from both ends, so badly we had to stop several times an hour to drain the boat. Our equipment got soaked. We pulled out our Gorilla Tape Camo and decided to try it. One long strip down the seam inside, and a couple strips on the seams at each end, and the canoe no longer leaked. Our gear stayed dry the rest of the week.

When we were looking over the canoe to apply the tape, there were actually several holes. Rental canoes sure get abused! We left the tape on for the next person, so they could have a dry boat. Gorilla Tape Camo gets a place in my travel kit from now on! – Tim

What is is and how is it used?

Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane product used in so many ways. Over three-fourths of the use is in the form of a foam. Foam is extensively used in flexible foam seating, upholstered furniture cushions, carpet cushion, mattress padding, stiff foam insulation panels, micro-pore foam seals and gaskets, strong elastomeric tires and wheels, automotive seat cushion suspension bushings, electrical catching compounds, carpet adhesive, and solid plastic parts. The foam is typically behind other materials: flexible foams are behind upholstery fabrics in furniture; firm foams are inside the metal and plastic walls of most freezers and refrigerators, behind paper, metals and other external materials. Use for this product in garments is growing: such as inlining the cups of bras! Polyurethane is used too for moldings including door frames, columns, balusters, window headers, and such.

A Polyurethane Adhesive For Smooth and Absorbent Surfaces.

Polyurethanes are also used in making solid tires; forklift drive and load wheels, grocery carts and roller coaster wheels, small equipment tires. Only with the introduction of tough, abrasion-resistant polyurethane parts did modern rollerblading and skateboarding became economical. Polyurethane is used in the lawn and garden industry for wheelbarrows, hand trucks, lawn mowers, carts and such. Providing the bounce and feel of an air-filled tire polyurethane adds the benefit of no flats tires.

Wow, huh? Weighing about the same as air-filled tires even though they are solid polyurethane clear through! How about the car steering wheel plus other interior and exterior automotive parts, including bumpers and fenders. This product is all around us!

Gorilla Glue has Super Glue, Wood Glue, Epoxy, Clear Repair, and various tapes.

A Little Dab Will Do You

There are the many kinds of Gorilla Glue but I imagine this would be the only type I would use (but who knows?) and I certainly do know now this glue goes a long way. I paid around 5 or 6 dollars for it (same as the bottle pictured above) and it is like having 50 bottles of Super Glue…well the original Super Glue. (Since Gorilla has a Super Glue too.)

I suggest you read all the directions before using any product as I did not in this case. Yes, it is thicker than super glue so I don’t think about expansion. Well we just don’t need to think if we read and follow direction, do we? Which I should have done.

No problem though since these are just walking shoes and I couldn’t care less but it could have been a bad mistake and very ugly on something different. To be sure I was shocked the next day when I picked them up to examine and let me tell you Gorilla Glue really is terrific! I will never buy super glue again. I don’t feel quite so stupid though after watching this last video at the bottom about how not to use Gorilla Glue. You may want to take a look if you have never used Gorilla Glue. It really expands!

Throw Away the Hammer and Screwdrivers

Gorilla Glue is one option for household or craft adhesive needs. It is a strong glue because it creates a tight, lasting bond between two items. It saves time around the home by eliminating the need for a hammer and nails or the use of a drill and screws. Since the glue is made to adhere to several different surfaces, it can be used for a wide variety of projects.

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