Goldberg vs Roman Reigns

Bill Goldberg Vs. Roman Reigns


Do both the competitors deserve that match at WRESTLEMANIA??

Undoubtedly, Bill Goldberg And Roman Reigns are the big names in WWE History, but there must be some kind of effort to earn that title shot at WRESTLEMANIA. 

Because many superstars are there, who are working the whole year for WWE, they might have deserved some opportunity. 

If WWE wanted to make Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns, the idea is incredible, and people also want to see that epic and once in a lifetime match, but other superstars also deserve at least a no one contender match. Anyhow everyone knows that Roman And Goldberg only wins the game if it could happen.

Anyhow, let all these things behind and talk about the match that is going to happen at WRESTLEMANIA 36.

Yes, Goldberg defeated the Fiend last month at super showdown to become Universal Champion and got the guaranteed opportunity to Wrestle at WRESTLEMANIA 36.

Everyone knows Goldberg is a big name in the WWE and he is the only person who won the world titles in 4 different decades.

Goldberg is a part-timer right now. He is 50 + years old. That’s why we can not utilize him daily, but whenever WWE needs him, they use his abilities and strengths for big matches like WRESTLEMANIA.

Now the question is that who is going to win the match at WRESTLEMANIA because both wrestlers have the same attitude almost the same wrestling style so they can not bear defeat by each other.

Maybe WWE wants Roman Reigns to win this match because if Goldberg wins, then he has to work for every paper view which he can’t. And the other reason is that WWE can not make Goldberg lose his title with any other superstar.

So Roman Reigns is also the big name in WWE if Goldberg loses the match. Also, it won’t harm Goldberg’s image.

Whatever it may be as a Fan Of WWE, I will go to enjoy every second of that match.

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