Every video game player, especially if he plays on PC, aspires to buy a good gaming chair to play comfortably. But that is already very of the last century. What is taken now are the gaming beds, which are already sold in Japan. Why get up in the morning and sit in front of the TV or monitor, if you can do it directly from the bed?

It is not a joke or a new fake. The Japanese company Bauhütte sells the Ultimate Gaming Bed, a gaming bed with everything the gamer needs to enjoy his favourite hobby comfortably lying down.

It has a side tray for the keyboard, which can be turned towards the bed, as well as a small table for snacks, pizza and drinks. There are also different hooks to place the gamepad, headphones, and other usual utensils among players.

The monitor (or up to three) can be placed on the back of the mattress, and you can use special support to bring the pillow closer and play closer. The bed itself is included in this Ultimate Gaming Bed, you don’t have to put it yourself. So we assume it will be offered in different sizes.

It is not just to play the console or the PC: it includes an articulated arm to place the phone or tablet and play with these devices, or watch a chapter of Netflix.

It has everything a gamer needs to not move out of bed while practising his favourite hobby, except one thing: where is the potty? The magic is broken if you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of a game beyond the jokes, it must be said that it has a useful point in small Japanese houses. Many Japanese gamers have a very small room and cannot place a bed and a gaming table and chair at the same time to play. This gaming bed solves the problem, being an all-in-one that serves both to play and to sleep.

Bauhütte’s Ultimate Gaming Bed costs around 1,000 euros. If you’re curious, you can find more information on their website.

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