Football : Most loved sport and Coronavirus

Basketball is loved in America , Cricket is worshipped in India and there are many games which is popular in one country but popularity fades in other. There is a game that is loved in every corner of the world which is football. Over the years football has become an emotion . Whether it is an international match or a club game , people turn in huge numbers just to see their favourite team . It has fan following of more than 2billions but 2020 brought one of the worst year for football fans and footballing community in history of the game.

The spread of coronavirus has hit the footballing fraternity worst. It has infected few but hit millions. With the news of Daniel Rugani confirming positive for coronavirus ,the footballing fraternity got shocked and from there it all started which became worst within few hours. Though the matches were happening behind the doors but it could not stop players getting infected.

Serie A ,top league of Italy postponed it’s matches as Italy is the worst hit. Fans were still hopeful of getting things right but within few hours news of postponement of other league’s matches had brought them in tears. UEFA champions league,for which people wait for weeks got postponed . It didn’t stop here ,on 13th of march most of top  leagues in Europe has either postponed their matches or matches took place behind the closed doors.

The confirmation of testing positive of few players as well as manager like Artreta brought the things to stand still . Football fans have lost all the hopes of matches happening in March.

The question of hour is will all matches happen ? Will Euro cup not be shifted to 2021?What if EPL gets cancelled? There are lot of questions in the mind of football fans but unfortunately there is no quick answer to all these questions and all they can do is WAIT.

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