Facts of Chemistry

Today I am Brought you another fact in which I will tell you about fact of chemistry in our life I will give you very interesting facts related by chemistry so please like and follow. So I that can bring such facts even further so please follow me and my channel. My name is Vikas pundir I am researching for organic chemistry the facts given below are very interested and impressive please read this facts and I am requesting again please follow this.

Friends, you inside our antimatter article that the most expensive thing in the whole universe is antimatter, which is absolutely right . Yes friends I am saying to write I am going to tell you about most expensive thing in the world. But do you know about the most expensive thing made by man? If not listen. The world’s most expensive item made by human is endohedral fullerene. One gram of this substance is worth 964 crore in Indian currency. Yes it is truth the substance is the most expensive in the world.

You all must have hear about dying by drownking with water but do you know that drinking too much water can also result in your death. Just I am saying to write we can die drinking too much water. Drinking too much water can also result in your death it is right

You all must know that with taste bud inside our tongue , yes friend I am saying to right. What DU u no no that without saliva are you can not taste the taste of anything. , . Yes friend I am saying to right  in this fact. We can not taste without saliva. Cannot is the taste of anything. 


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