Evolution in the world of gaming

Welcome, welcome to the huge and endless world of gaming, as I said, that more than half of kids and teenagers are being attracted by this gaming virtual world. From the 90s console to today’s ps4, ps5, and custom sets. How this gaming tradition changed, let’s talk about his evolution.

Let’s start from history, in ancient times dancing, singing, showing various talents are the parts of entertainment. Later some time, some sitting games like chess were invented. And as I said entertainment. games were invented for only entertainment. It’s another thing that today it’s not only entertainment, but it is also a profession, job, an entertaining way to make money, 

This chess was invented in India, this is a proud thing. But at that time, only rich people’s was could afford this game, so, this chess was called a rich game because only rich people like kings were playing chess.

But, as technology-enhanced, Mobile phones were invented. So as making mobile phones interesting, mobile producer managed to add some games like Tetris, Snake, Block-Breaker, was packed in phones, but at that time on the phone could contain only one game, So developers invent that console who was look like a mobile but contains many games, That console was a popular gaming product. 

Till, computer games were developed, and the gaming professions started. because there were a youtube and the internet. As techniques build, gaming developers made videogames for computers, but there was a problem with it, they all were paid, and highly expensive. So many people can’t afford them. And later gaming consoles jumped into the market, These consoles came with a pretty heavy television and wired remotes, now the mobiles were developed and they have an ability to run internet and having some MBs capacity of internal memory, Some scientist like us, we download some 3d games on it, and after playing it, we have to delete them because of storage.

And, here in Computer games community, some historic and epic games were entered, The GTA series. And those like games which are highly expensive on size and price. And those can’t be operated in today’s Android smartphones. And those gaming community was limited, 

As android came, we had the world in hand,  so we can download millions of games from the google play store or the apple store. We can play a variety of games. But there was a still problem, that was we could not getting computer games like realisticness, graphics, and colors. Games were like a wall and a character equipped with a gun or a car and go straight. But later of its new games were introduced. Which has better performance, graphics, and more entertaining?

And now can mobile gamers could earn money, people realized that the gaming profession is a high paying profession. Teenagers started learning to program and developing skills required to develop a game. This is how game developers increased, today’s play store is filled with crores of games, and apps.todays gaming is next level. Thanks for reading!


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