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Banana is one of the most common fruits in our lives, and its nutritional value is very rich. It is called happy fruit. When it comes to bananas, I have to mention its most well-known role – laxative. In life, if some people are constipated, the people around them will tell him to eat bananas. Bananas have always been a laxative in the hearts of all of us. Many people with constipation often eat bananas to promote bowel movements. However, many people with constipation found that eating bananas did not have a laxative effect and that bananas were not laxative. So what if you eat bananas?

Bananas are rich in vitamins and other nutrients, and eating them will have many benefits for the body. The dietary fiber content in bananas is rich, dietary fiber can promote digestion and intestinal peristalsis, so eating bananas has the effect of promoting bowel movements, making the bowel movements more smooth. Eating bananas often helps to alleviate and improve constipation.


Since eating bananas can promote bowel movements, why do some people eat bananas instead of constipation?



In fact, eating bananas can promote defecation and can cause constipation. The reason for this difference is: the maturity of the bananas eaten. If you eat a ripe banana, it can promote defecation. But if you eat bananas, it will lead to increased constipation.

Why eating raw bananas will increase constipation?

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Before the banana is ripe, there will be an acidic substance inside. This substance is difficult to dissolve after eating, and it will inhibit the peristalsis of the intestine, which makes it difficult for people to have a bowel movement. If you eat a lot of raw bananas, the stool will become very dry, making it difficult for people to have a bowel movement, or even causing or aggravating constipation. If constipation people eat raw bananas for laxatives, it can be said that the oil is on the fire, and constipation will become more serious.


Many people may think, who will take the initiative to buy bananas, the surface is so green, the food is particularly worried, no one will buy it. We buy bananas to buy mature yellow bananas, which are obviously cooked and not a laxative.



In fact, this seemingly mature yellow banana you bought may not be a real ripe banana, but a banana that is ripened. The ripened bananas, like raw bananas, are also easy to constipate when eaten. We know that bananas have a short shelf life. In order to facilitate maintenance and transportation, most bananas are picked off before they are mature and then sent to the place for ripening. The ripened bananas only change color, they are still very raw, and they still have acidic substances in raw bananas, so they are not easy to eat.

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Here, I will teach you a little trick to pick bananas, which is when you buy bananas. If the banana smells very raw, even if it looks good, it looks familiar, and most of it is still unfamiliar. If the banana smells like no oysters and has a sweet taste typical of bananas, then this banana is mostly cooked and delicious. If you buy a raw banana, it will be fine. Put it at home for two days. After you have cooked it, you can eat it. It is delicious and laxative.



If the bowel movement is very difficult, constipation occurs. In addition to eating bananas, foods rich in dietary fiber such as apples, dragon fruit, sweet potatoes, corn, oats, etc. should be eaten more. In a normal diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less. Greasy food. In normal times, you should drink plenty of water to avoid the lack of dry stools and increase the difficulty of defecation. Should also exercise more, it can speed up the peristalsis of the intestines to promote bowel movements. And usually should also develop the habit of defecation on time. Only by developing a good life and eating style can you really get rid of constipation.

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