Please dreams please stop bothering I am trying my best to get you. But my… 

My parents are not allowing me to do so

after all, I am tied by the love that parents gave to me.

I can’t even dream of living without them

also the truth is I want to achieve you because I want money.lots of money. 

I am not greedy. I want it because I want to give luxury life to myself and my parents.

My parents think this is not my cup of tea.

Dear, you have brought many imaginary joyful moments to me, please accept my request” show me a way to make my parents agree” I promise you I will do that much of hard work that you will demand.


  I want to be a business person and life, but it requires investments and capital that I don’t have.


My dreams are significant, and I am only 17, but I believe that I can achieve this, I have researched and also tried. Still, my parents are not taking do you have anyway so that I can make them agree on luxury life Abhi ka swimming pool in front of my house a considerable bungalow, and I don’t want to think before the price that the good I am buying.

I wanted this type of life when I told this to my friends they said all of them all of a stream like this but some only people achieve this I think I am one of them. I know business is not very easy, but I am trying my best to do this. I want to get out of the way that all the people are living I want to be the 1%. So I have to do at 99% what the people are not doing these are the things to say but you will believe me not nor my parents I know anyone how will I get investment capital after all I love my parents and also love me. I want to show this world that I do not resist and not like you, I want to be extraordinary. I want to be a famous da huge business person.

Near dream, you have shown me when many joyful moments, please help me to get out of it. I’ll try my best. Still, I need support who will sponsor me will be my maid; after all, I am just 17. I know this is not the thing to say. Just business can be started at any age. but still, I am coming from a middle-class family and respect one, so I have to do something that makes my family’s Pride better, but my parents are. telling me to become doctor MBBS demands a lot of studies, and actually, I can’t do anything I am all-rounder I think so but still am I interested in business, and you know this actual future very opposite I am not scared of anything but still I love my periods and soak I can’t deny then what will I do I don’t know, but surely I will try to reach my goal and not the only Traveller hundred percent reach my goal



By aasmi

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