Cristiano Ronaldo Or Lionel Messi?

When It Comes To Talking About This Two Great Players Or Comparing About This Two Great Players, A Debate Or An Argument Always Occurs Which Will Never End. Cristiano fans thinks Cristiano is better , Messi fans thinks Messi is better. And this will go on for years and it might never stop because this only shows how good they both are. 

Messi is 32 Years of age and Cristiano is 35 years of age. We all need to start appreciating, start admiring the two of them, because they are aging and very soon will be retiring. 


Their time is running out, they both will retire soon and there is no much time to see them play. So why are we still arguing about who is better


Messi Suffered from growth hormone deficiency while Cristiano was diagnosed with racing heart. This shows us that they both have struggle in their early life. But today they are the two best footballers in the world. 


But, Why Are We Still Arguing About This Two? When They Are Equally Amazing Footballers, Cristiano And Messi Has Dominated The Football World For The Past 11years , which shows us that ,they are equally good. Cristiano And Messi Has a combine of 11 ballon d’ors (6for Messi and 5 for Cristiano) Cristiano and Messi both have broken the 50 goal mark in a single calender year, and they both does that every single season. Cristiano and Messi has both scored 700+ goals in their careers , Cristiano Motivate Us were as Messi amazes us. They don’t have much years left in their tanks, so why argue? About this two, why not just enjoy and appreciate both of them while they are still playing, because we might never see anyone as good as this two. 




So Enjoy Them Play, While You Still Can.

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