1. From the beginning of humanity sports is very important to us it is necessary for fitness and health.Human body design needs fitness and care and only exercise and sports can provide these all needs of body.

Today i want to mention only one game which i exercise personaly and i know all the positive things of this game thats why todays my topic is on cricket.

England is the founder of Cricket game

Cricket is a best game ever.. I like to play cricket but sometime it takes so much efforts from you which is good for our health.

Cricket becomes a most entertaining game in the world.Many of countries spending lot of money on this game because they found their nation so much involved in this game.

Overall it is a good game however its not like hockey and football but noways it is very entertaining game.

11 players 4 empires and 22 yrd pitch such a loving way to play.

Worldcup is a bi event of this game.

Millions of people wait for wordcup.When it comes they show their craze and love.Cricket and Cricket all over the world.

Cricket is a physical stamina game where you feels better and fit you will get more energy after this game.This game needs more energy and practice.This will make your mind sharp and stable.It will make you a sharp minded man.

There are so many things involve in this game so much staff required for international level for Umpiring.


Ball picking

Media managing

Camera’s opertaters


And other lot of staff.

Some Countries spends so much money on their players like Pakistan,India,Australia.

These countries have their Cricket teams Pakistan,India,Australia,Newzealand,England,Zimbabwe,Westindies,Afghanistan,Uae,Bangladesh,Srilanka,canada and scotland also.

So these are the interesting fact about this game i try my best to give you all information about this game.

Hope you will understand and enjoy the game.i will meet you again with new interesting topic again.




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