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As some great man said once, “It is both blessing and a curse, To feel everything so deeply.”

Yes, it sometimes becomes a curse to think so deeply about something. If you have both aspects of the issue, its positive ones, and negative ones, then its good but, if you don’t have both, then this might become a curse or a blessing. If you are blessed, then you are the luckiest person in the world, but if you are not, then this might be so worse that you can even handle it.

As the whole world feels and knows that covid-19 is lethal and harmful for humans, and it does not make any discrimination between any poor or rich man. What a play of nature now some of the rich got to know how beautiful it is to be treated equally. Newer minds all of the fingers are not equal so, there also some rich people who will take this as an opportunity to do some good and will be looking for a better afterlife by helping the poor ones.

Covid-19 is a curse in this respect that the economy of the countries is going down day by day, and even some underdeveloped countries do not have enough resources to manage their economy. It’s not only the problem of the backward country but, The superpower, great America is almost on his knees against this disease, and they are in such a desperate situation that once the American president is criticizing china and after that, he takes world health organization. We cannot make a mockery of President of America as it is not their fault they are drawn into a situation where nobody knows what is going on and what is going to happen tomorrow. Similarly, England “Great Britain” is also in terrible condition and not only its citizens, but its prime minister is also affected by this disease and is in ICU. The economy of the world is in the worse stages, and this disease is a curse as everything is locked down, and people are just so afraid, and this boredom is affecting their mental capabilities. So, every human is ok that this is a curse but not this human who is writing this.

This covid-19 may be a curse but not in my point of view. Yes, it is destroying the life of most people but there the thing “Everything happens for good” there is another angle to see this great epidemic as due to lockdown there is less transport means that there will be less pollution implies that there will be less a health and better environment. The scientists also told us that the ozone layer is healing; this means that the creatures other than humans may be enjoying these days as there is no pollution and no harmful gases for them. Less dangerous water for them to drink and as well as the global warming will also be less than the previous years and as a whole nature is happy with this change but not us. 

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