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The recent cases of reinfection have once again brought the efficacy and safety of vaccines, under the scanner. It should be noted that given the accelerated timelines of vaccines which are currently under development, there are already a lot of speculations about whether or not they will be able to provide protection against COVID-19.

However, as per the scientists and experts, there is no reason to alarm just yet. They believe that it is too early to draw conclusions from the individual reinfection cases and certainly more research needs to be done. It is important to understand that there is not enough evidence that people who recover after contracting the virus get immunity from the virus. Even the severity of the disease, post reinfection is currently unclear. As the world continues to pin its hopes on a vaccine to contain the spread of the virus, what do reinfections exactly mean for the vaccines currently under production? Thankfully, individual cases of reinfection will not hamper the quest for coronavirus vaccines. We tell you why.

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