February 14th is generally about romance once love is in the mind what is made in our body…Is love to celebrate only one day?

       Once you have the love in your mind, it is a total invasion.  It sounds like talking.  Trembling affects the legs.  The sound is thin.  Heartburn is automatic.  Tension.  Anxiety.  These are the biological characteristics that happen when a person becomes a lover or lover.  These traits first occur during childhood and into adolescence.  It is natural.


 Adolescence is a “hormonal spring” in which butterflies release butterflies from within the pupae, and these hormones are made up of neurotransmitters, the neurotransmitters, and some of their auxiliary chemicals.  It has been proven that the brain is the center of love.  The hypothalamus is the focal point of attachment.  The parts of the brain associated with the biological components of love, touch, sight, smell, and hearing, interact with the hypothalamus, and produce pure emotions such as love.



 When one enters into adolescence, the hypothalamus, the apostle of love, produces a hormone called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GRH).  It releases a follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH), which stimulates the pituitary gland, which is part of the brain.  These can go into the testicles of boys and produce testosterone, the male hormone, and the baby.  The ovaries go into girls’ ovaries and produce hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.  These last three hormones are the cause of adolescent love and romance.  Hormones are also known as oxytocin and vasopressin.  Cortisol, a hormone, has also been found in the blood of those who have entered the fantasy world of love.

No person ever wants to be depressed in life.  She always wants to be happy and happy.  But is it possible?  The answer is no.  Because man is a social being.  One way or another, we interact and connect with others.  In such relationships, there is not only happiness but also conflict and strife and sadness.



 Neuroses are chemicals that transmit information between the nerves and thereby transform one’s thoughts, behavior, body language, appetite, lust, and hundreds of thousands of things.  These include the previously mentioned neurotransmitters.  These nerves are what make a person fall in love.  Hormones create the background for it.  These nerves are responsible for all the romantic things we do from the moment we feel loved.  They are the cause of everything from attraction to feelings of love to hunger, nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia.

It is easy to fall in love with everyone.  It should be continued.  Love should never be viewed as an obligation.  Whenever a problem comes up, it is essential to remember the relationship.  Open your mind and love your partner.  Give your partner the happiness he wants.  Do not ignore your partner’s wishes and rights.  Allow your partner to sit down the same way. Love is evergreen.  The life of the lovers is evergreen and beautiful.  Whenever a sexy romance occasionally fades.  The light of life itself is gone.  You don’t need that power cut model in your life anymore.  Getting married can make love more beautiful—just a few moments of Love Secrets.


 The first three months of my marriage are called Thane Pale … Kanne Lore.  Even during the honeymoon, when mutual love is there, even Kamadeva will be gone.  When it comes to work and life after the honeymoon trip, when is the time for romance?  Say goodbye to such comments.


 When you come home from work, you should not go to bed after bathing and eating.  Share with your spouse the features of the office.  If you have any problems at the office, let me know.  If there are no problems, share your dreams for the future.  Repeat this every day.  The emotional bond between you and your partner becomes more durable and more reliable with each passing day.


 Maintaining a friendship with yourself, your spouse, and your friends is vital to spouse-husband relationships.  For friend’s weddings and birthday parties, the two can go together.  They can make some small gifts.  Try to be there for your friends’ problems and be happy

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