Bollywood Khiladi, Akshay Kumar turns 53 today. One of the fittest actors of his time, Akshay is known for his strict fitness and lifestyle routine and we guess that is what makes him stand apart from the other contemporaries of his time. Mohit Savargaonkar, Co-Founder, Pod Supply, who takes care of Akshay’s daily diet says, “Akshay is very calculative and balanced in terms of his eating habits and he knows what is good and bad for his body.” He informs, “He is more of a sattvic food lover, as his food has no spices, onion or garlic.” Ask him about Akshay’s idea about food he states, “For Akshay, plain food with great flavours through fresh herbs is magical.” Have a look at Akshay all-time favourites from Pod Supply’s menu exclusively created by Mohit and his team of professionals.

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