Can you add protein powder to tea, milk or coffee?  | The Times of India

The answer is YES! This debate has gone on for longer than whether pineapple should be allowed on pizza! Many people like their protein shake in water after a workout. But did you know that you can also experiment with protein powder and discover delicious combinations? Here’s why and how you should add your protein powder to tea, milk and coffee!

Pankaj Pandey, a well-known personal fitness instructor from Delhi says, “Yes we can add protein powder to tea, milk or coffee and it will help in improving our metabolism. We can add protein powder to our favourite beverage but must remember to mix when the beverage is at room temperature.”

Adding protein powder to hot liquids can turn them into undrinkable rubbery blobs as it does not mix well with the liquid and releases gas as it cooks. Do NOT especially perform this experiment in a shaker as it can spew all over the counter and cap can fly off because of the added pressure.

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