Blonde on Blonde on Blonde: The Hottest Blond Cover Art

My most popular hubs seem to focus on beautiful blondes and hot album covers, so I thought it might be a good idea to combine the two. It would be easy to come up with hundreds or even thousands of covers for albums from hot blondes like Lita Ford, Avril Lavigne, Stevie Nicks, Paris Hilton, Carrie Underwood and Tanya Tucker where they simply put themselves on the cover. It would also be pretty easy to make a list featuring bands with hot chicks like The Pretty Reckless (featuring Taylor Momsen), Blondie (featuring Debbie Harry) or Fleetwood Mac (featuring the aforementioned Stevie Nicks). But for this list, I have decided to not use either of those types of covers and stick only to covers where a model is used and decided to try for an even ten. In the end, i could not quite make that one final cut and had to settle for eleven. Let’s take a look at what I have come up with…

Beautiful girls were common on jazz albums in the ’60s and the Dave Brubeck Quartet covers for Angel Eyes in 1965 and My Favorite Things in 1966 are great examples. They feature Terry Reno, a fashion model popular at the time. Her bright eyes were the focus of many ad campaigns and the perfect choice for the Angel Eyes jacket. Though My Favorite Things included a full body shot, still her eyes, framed by her golden hair, are captivating. The two covers are classics in the “pretty girl jazz” genre of covers.

How do you top a first album cover featuring the ever-so-hot Tawny Kitain on all fours in a tattered black dress? How about a Playboy Playmate of the Year in her lingerie? That is what the fine young men in Ratt gave us for the cover of Invasion of Your Privacy, their second LP with a cover featuring 1982 Playmate of the Year Marianne Gravatte.

Marianne also appeared in their classic video for their hit “Lay It Down” as well as in many a young metal fan’s most pleasurable dreams. After so much hotness being captured on their first two covers, it was a bit disappointing when Ratt’s third release, the provocatively title Dancing Undercover, only featured the boys in the band.

Ratt was far from the only 80s metal band to put beautiful women on their album sleeves. To maintain their macho status, the pretty boys of hair metal often hung out with popular models of the day. One of those models was Warrant frontman Jani Lane’s eventual ex-wife Bobbie Brown.

It was Bobbie’s beautiful blond mane that graced the cover of Great White’s classic Once Bitten LP. It really cannot be said a lot of thought seemed to have gone into the cover which simply features a photo of the bodacious Bobbie in front a shark fin cutting through the water. But with a blonde as lovely as Miss Brown, who needs creativity?

When it came to beautiful women, Dean Martin could have easily had any major star or world-renowned model grace the cover of his albums during his heyday when Pretty Baby was released. But Dino, being the King of Cool, did the ultra-cool thing under the circumstances… He turned to his wife, blond bombshell and former Orange Bowl Queen Jeanne Martin. The result was a cover that just oozes chemistry between the two. And with a wife as hot as lovely Jeanne, did Dean really even need to look any further for the perfect model? I think not.

Photographer George Rosenblatt may have just been capturing the flavor of the times when he shot the cover for Booker T. & The MG’s eleventh album, but the resulting jacket is a work of true beauty. And not just because of the hot blonde featured front and center. This cover captures the mod scene of the 1960s with such accuracy that any Austin Powers fan can pick up a copy and dig just where that cat was coming from.

The album jacket for The Cars’ fourth album was designed by the band’s drummer David Robinson. While the concept for Shake It Up was more quirky and off-beat than artsy and profound, it did feature a hot blonde. Beautiful women gracing their covers was nothing new for the band as seen on their debut as shown at right. And, of course, there was the cover for their Candy-O album featuring the art of Alberto Vargas, well-known for erotic art often seen in the pages of Playboy.

The Scorpions were never strangers to controversial album covers. Virgin Killer and Lovedrive both come to mind. But though the Animal Magnetism cover created by graphic design firm Hipgnosis raised a few eyebrows, no one could quite put a finger on what was the problem with it. The cover was created by Hipgnosis member Storm Thorgerson, a former classmate of Pink Floyd members Syd Barrett and Roger Waters. He designed many of the covers for Pink Floyd including Dark Side of the Moon. But his work on Animal Magnetism stands out most because of the captivating blonde with a magnetism all her own.

You would be hard pressed to find a musician more prolific than Henry Mancini. Perhaps best known for his work on the Pink Panther films and the Peter Gunn television series, Mancini released dozens of albums and published hundreds of songs. He contributed to an amazing array of film and television soundtracks. Mancini won two Emmys, four Oscars, and 20 Grammys during his lifetime. Among his many classic album covers are these three jackets featuring gorgeous blondes.

You have to wonder if there is significance to the fact that both Henry Mancini Favorites and More Mancini Favorites feature an attractive blonde. Just what exactly is Mr. Mancini saying is his favorite here? Could it be a fascination with those gorgeous blondes? Certainly no one could blame him if these lovely young ladies held a special place in his heart!

The covers for B.T.O.’s Street Action and Rock N’ Roll Nights albums were done under the direction of photographer James O’Mara and appear to feature the same leggy blond model. It is really a toss-up as to which I prefer, but Street Action tends to win out by a smidge. Though these were the first albums B.T.O. recorded without Randy Bachman (and the first that failed to identify the band as Bachman-Turner Overdrive), they have always been two of my favorite B.T.O. releases.

The image of Janine Lindemulder in a nurse’s uniform pulling on a rubber glove certainly makes Blink 182’s jacket for Enema of the State an eye-catcher. The model/actress/porn star’s gleeful expression tells the potential listener this may seem unpleasant at first but somebody is going to have a good time. Photographer David Goldman came up with the image when the album was tentatively titled Turn Your Head and Cough but stayed with it even when the title was changed as he felt it was a good visual. Many seem to agree as the album artwork is now often referred to as iconic by the music industry press.

From the moment it was released to the public, the cover art for Vampire Weekend’s Contra CD became a topic of heated discussion and widespread speculation. Fans found political meaning in the clothes the girl was wearing, hidden meanings in the expression on the young woman’s face, and covert messages in the retro style of the image.

In the end, it turned out the band simply bought a photo for $5000 of a random girl they found interesting and there was no other meaning behind the choice. Eventually, the “random girl” in the photo came forward and turned out to be a model named Ann Kirsten Kennis. The band eventually had to pay Ms. Kennis an undisclosed amount to settle the lawsuit she filed.

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