Best Recipe Blogs

Blogs for recipes have exploded in popularity over the past several years, with everyone from professional chefs to self-trained cooks providing recipes, inspiration, and tips to the foodie community. The Onion takes a look at the best recipe blogs on the internet.

Serious Eats: This soberly written publication, which eschews the frivolity of pictures, is not for those seeking flourish, but rather the refined epicurist who understands the gravity food preparation requires.

Minimalist Baker: Offers mainly gluten-free and vegan recipes that can all be completely botched in under 30 minutes.

Water Boiler’s Paradise: Nothing but water-boiling tips and tricks for those who just can’t get enough scalding-hot aqua!

Kitchn: Daily articles on food and lifestyle that its founders desperately hope will keep you coming back even after you’ve learned to make two or three passably good dishes.

Gimme Some Oven: One of the most widely followed and successful food blogs despite only having a single post from 2008 about how to cook beans.

My Baking Addiction: Decadent dessert recipes that are way too much work to be habit-forming.

Food52: Sure, their delicious recipes will last you 52 days out of the year, but good luck when they leave you utterly helpless over the course of the remaining 313.

Cute Love Kindly Spiced: A woman named Kenzie shares photos of her blond children posing inside her 4,500-square-foot house and never mentions food once.

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