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Apple Magic Keyboard (iPad Air/Pro 11”) | $199 | Amazon
Apple Magic Keyboard (iPad Pro 12.9″) | $329 | Amazon

Look, the Apple Magic Keyboard attachment is cool. It’s cool. It’s more versatile than the standard snap-on keyboard thanks to a trackpad and backlit keys, plus the way it holds your iPad like it’s just floating there above the keys is superb. And then it folds up into a proper case when you’re not using the iPad. Well done. It is very expensive for a tablet keyboard at $299, however. Not quite $699-for-wheels expensive, but still.

In any case, if you have the newest 4th-generation iPad Air or the 11” 2nd-gen iPad Pro and you’ve been debating whether or not to splash out on the Magic Keyboard, we have good news: it’s marked down $100 at Amazon right now. Customers love it, with a 4.8-star rating from 2,300+ reviews, and again, it’s both cool and useful. The 12.9″ iPad Pro version is also discounted, albeit at a much lower 6% markdown. That said, if you were planning on buying one anyway, a deal’s a deal.

This story was originally published by Andrew Hayward on 01/26/2021 and updated by Gabe Carey with new information on 02/16/2021. 

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