Amid The Wreckage Of Beirut, An Animal Charity Is Reuniting People With Their Lost Pets

At least 137 people were killed and thousands injured in a massive explosion at the port in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, on 4th August. The blast caused large scale destruction in the city, leaving it ravaged.

Source: Vatican News

Disturbing visuals from the heart of the city have since been doing rounds on social media.

A day after the explosion, when the people of Beirut took stock of their shattered homes, many of them realised that their pets were missing.

It is being believed that most of them ran away due to fear after their buildings exploded.

As they started searching for their furry companions, Animals Lebanon – an animal charity organisation in Beirut came forward to help find lost animals.

They are also treating the injured animals in their shelter home.

Jason Mier, Executive Director of Animals Lebanon, told The National on phone: 

“We were out until the early hours, helping people with their own pets, transportation, emergency vets, looking for lost pets and doing online co-ordination of lost and found pets and people that want to help

Till Wednesday, 5th August morning, the charity had received over 50 emails asking for help finding lost pets. The group’s Instagram and Facebook feeds are also brimming with photos of cats and dogs with phone numbers and emails.

Videos of lost pets reuniting with their owners are being shared on Twitter and they are worth everything.

At a time when it is difficult to move with so much debris around, the organisation’s team is doing a splendid job. They are also sharing updates of the rescue operation on their Instagram page.

The charity organisation also urged volunteers to join in their efforts during the time of need.

As these videos flood the internet, netizens are praying that all these pets reach their homes safely.

While hundreds of pets still remain missing, these videos of reunion fill our hearts with hope and positivity.

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