1. hello everyone,today I am here to tell about importance of sports in everyones life he may be kids, old,young all so, let’s stay with me it is the golden idea by our great superstar Akshay sir so please follow.

Akshay sir specially told us that in every body life sports has great importance and I want that every one should follow it it helps us in get rid of drugs also because when we play games our energy replace in sports.

To be fit it is necessary to play gamess daily in routine by which we can live healthy life .his main motive to participate all person he may be old ,child,young.

Akshay sir want every citizen as healthy citizen he always wants to encourage our indian people towards foreign countries he work as samall soldier in India he always think about our India.

One more thing he is also interested in sports. he starts his success journey By only sports his father is wrestler who inspired him a lot about it.

The main motive of akashy sir  to start sports is to impress a girl but by traying sports he felt in love of sports and he finally success in his sports.

I am very proud of Akshay sir that he always thought about great achieve of India I salute sir from heart he also told with great confidence that if our all citizens starts playing game than there is very proud for nation also.

Now today’s generation are not interested in playing outdoors games instand of it they used to play online games in phones and laptops which has great caused on child’s health there eyeside start weaken and their bone also.

 At last I would like to say that our youth should fouce on outdoors games instead of online games than our nation will grow.

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