Ai Weiwei’s Niece Annoyed He Tried To Pass Off Another Used Bicycle Sculpture As Birthday Present

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND—Feigning surprise as she unwrapped the massive art installation, Ai Weiwei’s niece Zhang Jing was reportedly annoyed Friday that her uncle had again tried to pass off one of his massive used bicycle sculptures as a birthday present. “What the hell am I supposed to do with hundreds of bicycles welded together into a giant tower?” Zhang said to reporters, adding that she had smiled politely and told the renowned artist and activist his present was “very cool,” even though he had given her another, very similar sculpture last year. “It’s not like I can ride them around town with my friends. I can’t figure out how to take them apart, and in any case, they’re not even real, functioning bikes. If he’s as successful as everyone says, you’d think he could at least afford to buy me a brand-new bike that isn’t missing the handlebars and pedals.” At press time, Zhang had reportedly left the sculpture in her backyard next to the pile of 100 million handcrafted porcelain sunflower seeds she received from her uncle for Christmas.

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