Type-1 Diabetes: – When your islets cells of the pancreas or pancreas cannot make insulin in the body, a condition of type-1 diabetes arises; It is a kind of autoimmune disease, which does not allow these parts to work.


Type-2 Diabetes: – Mostly associated with lifestyle (less exercise and taking more sugar in food). It is essential to know about the symptoms and signs of diabetes, and its investigation, so if you are suffering from it, treatment can be started as soon as possible.


Symptoms of Diabetes: – If two or more of these symptoms appear in the list below, then it is better to see a doctor immediately. Common symptoms of type-1 and type-2 diabetes include:

  • Over pea
  • Excessive hunger
  • Blurred vision
  • Frequent urination (when you have to wake up three times or more at night)
  • Fatigue (especially after meals)
  • Irritability
  • Do not heal wounds or heal slowly

What is right? Diabetes should be eaten daily by making vegetable juice, mixed with lemon juice, and diabetes is not destroyed by root, but it remains under control with the intake of oceans.


A diabetic patient must go for a visit to the garden before sunrise in the morning, and the patient benefits significantly by walking barefoot on the grass. Living in a pure air environment develops physical strength and behavior. The diabetic patient should avoid excessive physical exertion.


In diabetes, the intake of sugary substances should be stopped entirely. Do not consume such foods in food that have high carbohydrate content. Things made with ghee, macon, and fine flour also cause damage to the dye.

Beneficial ways to control diabetes


1. Eating soft, fresh five leaves of evergreen in the morning is very beneficial for diabetes patients.

2. Fill 5 grams of fenugreek seeds in 1 cup of water. Grind fenugreek with the same water in the morning and consume sugar in the blood.

3. Drinking 10 grams of Indian gooseberry juice, 3 grams of honey, and 1 gram of turmeric is very beneficial for diabetes patients.

4. Consuming 5 grams of bitter gourd juice daily is beneficial.

5. Eating berries is very beneficial in DIY. The rectification process is simple.

6. Dry the kernels of berries and make z powder. Consuming 3-3 grams of powder with water every morning and evening is very beneficial.

7. Mix equal quantity of powder of the berries and dried bitter gourd. Take 3 grams of powder mixed with water in the morning and evening daily.

8. Boiling 50 grams of bitter gourd in 100 grams of water and drinking it is very beneficial for diabetes patients.

9. Eating 5 grams of fenugreek powder with water 1/2 hour before meals is very beneficial for diabetes patients.

10. Eating bread made of gram and barley flour benefits the diabetic patient. The rectification process is simple.

11. Taking 3 grams of powder of jambul and 3 grams of powder of jaggery with water is very beneficial in diabetes.

12. Chewing pink neem leaves daily, and sucking juice is very beneficial in diabetes.

13. Taking 3 grams of pure Shilajit mixed with milk daily is very beneficial in diarrhea.

14. Grind the leaves of the vine and tie it in a cloth and extract the juice, drinking 10 grams of juice daily helps control sugar in diarrhea.

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