Sunday after a holiday, the two grat team played a great match, i.g, our school team, which has many outstanding caption i.g vanish and another school DPS team. The game played in js ca cricket stadium Ranchi. On the 11th of March, the match played.

By the time the stadium was filling with the students as well as teachers and also many other guests.

Ten in the morning, the caption1of the two teams came on the field for the Todd, and our school team won the toss and chose to bat first and tried it put a good score in the scoreboard. The match was started at 11:30 am, and the caption and vice-captain opened for there team.

In the DPS team Ranjeet, the top bowler who is known for his spin started to be over smart, still, he doesn’t know that our players are more intelligent than him on his first Ball our caption hit a big six and the stadium stared cheering .after early ten over our score was 123 by loosing only I wicket. After that, a miracle happened in the stadium that our caption got run out by making 76 runs.

After lunch, the score was 221, which was excellent, and in the last over out, batsman vanish hit six sixes in the previous six balls, and the total score was 257 by loosing 5 Wickets and first innings over.

In the second innings there two best player started the innings i.g Virat and Rohit but the was unable to be in the field for a long time our best bowler Dev Bold them in just one stover after there first ten over there score was 130 which was not bad but the need 127 runs more to win this match in next ten over but the had only 2 Wicketws left and out best second-best bowler has taken them by giving only 27 runs. Our team won that match by 100 runs. 

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