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I have the problem of overweight, and I started scaring because overweight may increase blood pressure; a high vital sign is that the leading reason behind strokes. Excess weight also increases your chances of developing other problems linked to strokes, including high cholesterol, high glucose, and cardiovascular disease. But I lost 30 kgs and went from 120 kg to 90 kg. My routine to realize this – 

1. Run:

      Rise at six o clock and run. Initially, within the first two months, you must not run, walk, because you’ll neither have the stamina to run, you may fall insensate, nor can your legs take that much weight. After two months, I lost around 10 kgs just by ambulating and the diet indited below, and only then did I commenced to run. I currently run at 10km/hour speed for 10 minutes straight with no break. But it took time to develop this speed and stamina. You may need to give that point.  

2. Diet:

      Anything that’s cooked is spoiled. Anything raw or boiled is sweet. Anything high glycemic ( search on net ) is lamentable; low glycemic is sweet. Ken and inscribe down the glycemic index of all that you orally consume. Rice, potato, and sugar have a very high glycemic index and evade them at the least cost. Weekly is ok. I don’t victual them. Vegetables generally have a coffee glycemic index, especially the green ones. Go ahead, orally consume then the maximum amount as you prefer – but boiled and steamed not cooked. By doing this, you may deprive your body of free fat, and your body will commence utilizing the fat is stored inside yourself – precisely for these times. We evolved from primates, and this phenomenon of storing access to fat was being used in hibernation. 


3. Don’t be hungry:

                it is a misconception that orally consuming low is propitious. No, it is not. it’ll cause you to be deficient in vitamins and protein, which can adversely affect your body. Consume the maximum amount as you wish, orally consume low fat and low glycemic. But do victual, by all designates. 


4. Be patient:

           The body takes time to regulate and provides the result. It can take weeks afore you lose the first 5 kgs, but it’ll transpire. Weight gain is 100% reversible. But gives it time. it’ll work. Its science. Just don’t hand over in between. 90% of individuals hand over in mere days because they expect overnight results. The remaining 10% get results. 


6. Don’t look at others:

                  Don’t worry about the opus you play during a workout or the branded t-shirt and shoes. They don’t cause you to in shape, your exercise does. I’ve got visually perceived people doing buying 10,000 rs afore joining the gym than not visiting the gym after two days. Tshirts and branded shoes don’t cause you to thin, a workout does. I wear a straightforward 150 Rs cotton T-shirt while running. You exercise for yourself, not for the planet. Don’t post Instagram of Facebook posts for this. Work strenuously in silence. You may have enough to post once you are in good condition. 




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