52 Lovely Craft Ideas for Little Girls

Have you ever searched “little girl crafts” or “little girl craft ideas” to find entertainment ideas for a girl’s birthday party? Then you know how frustrating it can be to see lots of girl’s crafts, but few of them including instructions for making the craft.

These days, because I’m retired, I have the time to check through lots of sites to find great little girls crafts with instructions included. In this article I’m going to share pictures, and the site names, where you can find the craft shown.

I have little granddaughters who love to make crafts. The girls have many interests and enjoy using all the different craft supplies. The next time they come to grandma’s house to do a projects, I’ll be prepared. I hope that you and your little girls will find crafts for girls to make also.

To make the “Girls Only” door hanger shown above, go to Family Disney for the instructions.

2. Daisy Pins

This cute and easy craft, with instructions found at Craft Elf, can have so many uses other than as a pin. Think about using the daisy faces and adding a wooden skewer to the back to make plant pokes.

3. Pringle Can Bracelets

Oh, what fun it would be to make bracelets like these. Follow the directions given at hazel and company to learn how to prepare the cardboard rings and to add ribbon to make unique, one of a kind bracelets.

4. Apple Lacing

A great way to introduce sewing to the little girls. This is a super easy craft with instructions at No Time for Flash Cards. Use these instructions and make other fruits also.

6. Paper Dolls

I think this would make a terrific planned activity for a little girl’s party. Have the cardboard shaped dolls already cut out, so the girls can give them a look and personality of their own. Then have a bunch of fabric scraps, laces and buttons handy to make clothes for the dolls. Find the instructions for this project at Happy Hooligans.

7. Clothespin Animal Puppets

Imagine how much fun a group of girls will have playing with clothespin animal puppets that they’ve made. I love this project. Printables for making a number of animal puppets are found in this project.

8. Make Your Own Dollhouse Dolls

What could be more fun than making your own family of dolls for your doll house? Find instructions on how to make little doll house dolls at factory direct craft .

9. Hallway Play House

A group of little girls could have a really great party playing house in this hallway play house. Find the perfect tutorial for making this project at ikatbag. Moms or Grandmas: This is very easy to make and easy to store.

10. Fairy Cottage

The girls will want to make a village of fairy cottages when they find out how easily they are to make. You can find the instructions for making this really fun project by going to Disney Family. Check out the printable Tinker Bell friends playset and the printable Secret of the wings playset further down on this page.

11. Hootie Owls

Let the girls make owls using tissue colors to match their bedrooms. Find the pictured tutorial for this project at Kids & Glitter. Start saving your empty hand soap boxes for this craft.

12. Tube Bracelets

This looks like a fun bracelet to make. You can find the instructions for making bracelets like this one at Crafty Kids 101 .

13. Cute Owl Craft

You can make these cute owls using toilet tissue rolls by following the instructions that you’ll find at a bird and a bean. Have a variety of fabric scraps and colorful papers on hand to embellish these owls.

14. Matchbox Locket

This would be a great gift for a girl to give to Mom for Mother’s day. Go to Lilly Cakes for the instructions.

15. Secret of the Wings Playset

Another super cool playset printable from Disney Family, where you’ll also find the instructions. Use cardstock when you print these fairies so you have a sturdy set that can stand some extended play. A cute set that the girls are sure to love.

16. Spool People

How much time do you think a little girl, and her friends, could spend making and playing with these spool people? This would be a great activity for a sleep over with friends. Go to Outside the box! for the instructions.

17. Ankle and Toe Jewelry

Have ankle, toe and wrist jewelry just like the big girls. You can make your own by following the directions that you’ll find at HOUSE of JOYFUL NOISE.

20. Wooden Spoon Puppets

Puppets are always fun to play with and to make. Find the instructions for making these wooden spoon puppets at a bird and a bean. So many possibilities for making one of a kind puppets.

21. Fairy Flower Rings

I love how easy it is to make these printable flower rings. The girls will love making and wearing them too. Go to Disney Family for the download and instructions.

22. Cupcake Liner Bouquets

An outstanding project that can be used to make a Mother’s day or Father’s day gift for mom or dad. See how to make these flowers at project nursery. With all the colorful cupcake liners available, imagine the beautiful bouquets to be made.

23. Perler Bead Ornaments or Gift Tags

Little girls will love making these ornaments to give as gifts, and they’ll love using this project for making the perler beads into gift tags. Follow the instructions at THRICE The SPICE for making these bead items.

24. Patriotic Perler Beads

It really doesn’t have to be one of the patriotic holidays to make these perler bead items. You can make and wear or use these patriotic items any time. Go to cute AS A fox for the tutorial.

25. Sparkle Top Pencil

Any pencil that doesn’t have an eraser can be dressed up with bling like this. Find the directions on how to sparkle up your pencils at Agus Yornet.

26. Headband Holder

This headband holder isn’t only useful, it’s attractive also. It’ll make a nice addition to a dresser top as a decorator item. Go to Dirty Floor Diaries for the tutorial.

27. Wooden Peg Nun Dolls

Are your little girls intrigued by nuns and their habits? “Habit” is what a nun’s clothing is called. Catholic Icing has instructions on how to make these wooden peg dolls.

28. Jewelry Wind Chimes

Parents love gifts made by their children. Wouldn’t this beaded wind chimes make a nice Mother’s day or Father’s day gift?

29. Princess Tiara

You’ll find the directions for making this tiara at Lu Bird BABY. You’ll also find the site address for the magic wand on this site. Help your little princess make this tiara and wand set.

30. Paper Plate Dream Catcher

Decorate the paper plate anyway you want and then make a beautiful dream catcher. This is an easy and exceptional craft.

31. Handprint Owls

Doesn’t this look like soo much fun? I think making handprint owls would be a great classroom or party project.

32. Sit Upon

Oh, what fun the little girls will have making their own sit upon. A really great project to make with a girl scout group or as an activity at a sleepover. Find the list of supplies needed and the tutorial at Adventures in Making.

33. Yarn Doll

This is a great way to use leftover yarn. Ask Grandma or the neighbor lady if she has some for you. She’ll be glad to help you out and you can make lots of cute yarn dolls. Go to Little House Living for the easy to understand instructions.

34. Birdhouse Garland

You’ll find the instructions for making this very simple to make birdhouse garland at No Time for Flash Cards. This garland would look so nice draped across a window.

36. Ribbon and Button Necklaces

I think this is one of my favorite projects, probably because I have lots of buttons that are really too pretty to be stashed away in a box. Make this fun and inexpensive button necklace by following the directions at Little Worlds.

37. Flower Children

These are so cute that I’d like to make some of them for myself. Little girls, especially, will love these little babies in felt leaves. Find the instructions for this craft at Twig and Toadstool.

38. Book Worms

These craft stick and yarn book worms are way too cute to hide in a book. Make some of these to give as gifts by following the directions at oh Amanda.

39. Christmas Tree Doll House

MR PRINTABLES has a tutorial that makes constructing this Christmas tree shaped doll house easy to make. Any little girl will love to play with this doll house.

40. Fabric Wrapped Wire Bracelets

Now she can have a set of bracelets to wear with any outfit she chooses. So very easy to make and so very cute to wear. Find the easy to follow tutorial at crme de la craft.

41. Gingerbread Boy (or Girl?)

Wouldn’t it be fun to make a Christmas tree filled with gingerbread boys and girls that you have made yourself? See how this little guy is made by going to the Busy Little Elf site.

42. Coffee Filter Flowers

43. Felt Paper Doll

Does your little girl love paper dolls? Go to The Craft Patch for the tutorial for making felt paper dolls

44. Pink Pinata

A birthday party just isn’t a party without a pinata. Make that pinata a pink and pretty kitten and you have the perfect pinata for a little girls party. Find the directions for making this pinata at LIFESTYLE HOW STUFF WORKS.

45. Duct Tape Bracelets

Duct tape and shower rings are the supplies you’ll need to make these cute bracelets. Find the tutorial for this project at 101 DUCT TAPE CRAFTS.

47. Fairy Houses

The girls can make some easy, clay pot painted fairy houses. Of course then a garden and lawn adornments need to be imagined and made.

48. Paint Chip Bookmarks

How about this as a great idea: make bookmark Valentine’s for friends and classmates. Follow the instructions at LocalFunForKids for this easy to do craft.

49. Play Dough

The best way to get the perfect color play dough, is to make it yourself. You’ll find the instructions for making play dough at The Frugal Girls.

50. Homemade Gak

There are a few different names for this stuff like slime, gak and silly putty, but the ingredients are pretty much the same. For the tutorial to make this gak, go to Six Sisters’ Stuff.

51. Clothespin Dragonflies

What fun it will be to make these clothespin dragonflies. Imagine all the different colors and designs you can use. The directions are found at Crafty Morning.

52. Unicorn Masks

You’ll find the print and color free download for making these unicorn masks at It’s Always Autumn. This would be a fun activity for a slumber party, birthday party or sleepover.

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