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We have all heard of the stereotypes—quiet and antisocial millennials who can’t look you in the eye. Often tagged as the “Me Generation”, millennials have a reputation for being lazy, entitled and too engrossed with their smartphones to connect with those around them—but are these stereotypes really the reality?

Millennials are the most ethnically, racially and socially diverse generation, and they have more college degrees than any previous generations. They value independence, collaboration and integrity. Further, this generation cannot tolerate boredom; want to be challenged by their work and by their employers. So what does all this mean for organisations and senior leaders?

Business leaders must see millennials for their personality traits — extremely passionate, motivated and tech-savvy game-changers — and true leaders will rise to the challenge. This set of employees have a different style of working, communicate differently and value different things than baby boomers and the generation before them.

If you can’t learn to communicate and connect with your millennial workforce, you’re missing out on a chunk of raw, entrepreneurial talent who thinks out of the box. To appeal, retain, and harness that talent, managers and business leaders must be able to understand this generation and adjust their management styles and work environments accordingly.

Here are some of the things you can learn from millennials about effective workplace communication!

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