If you’re looking to binge-watch something but don’t have a lot of time on your hands then we’ve made the perfect list for you. These mini-series are exactly what you should be watching today. 

1. Chernobyl

This miniseries recounts the horrors of one of the worst nuclear disasters in the history of mankind. 

2. The Keepers

In 7 episodes, this mini docuseries explores the unsolved murder of nun Catherine Cesnik in 1969 and the suspected coverup of sexual harassment. 

3. Unbelievable

Based on a true incident, this series tells the story of a young woman who recalls being raped, with no evidence around her and only two officers who believe her. 

4. Watchmen

Set in a world where superheroes and vigilantes are treated as outlaws, the series follows a story similar to the graphic novel with a few twists. 

Source: Variety

5. Wild Wild Country

Based on the controversial rise and forming of the cult guru, Osho, the show speaks about the inner workings of his ashram and more. 

Source: Netflix

The perfect list of shows to watch over the weekend.