39 Excellent Craft Ideas Inspired by Nature

If you enjoy the outdoors and all that nature offers, then you no doubt love to do all kinds of nature crafts. Kids and adults who enjoy the out of doors, tend to collect objects that make beautiful crafts.

I did a Google search to find crafts using recyclables and objects in nature and found what I think is a nice variety of family style projects. All the crafts include a large picture and the site name. When you click the site name, you’ll be taken directly to the directions for the craft project.

To make a beautiful Indian corn candle like the one shown to the left, go to Eddie Ross for the instructions.

2. Leaf Coins

Imagine a nice basket or bowl filled with these little leaf coins. They could be painted or color washed. To see how these leaf coins are made, go to the plum pudding site.

3. Acorn Garland

You’ll find the directions for making this acorn garland at The Juise.

4. Branch Slice Ornaments

I think these branch slice ornaments are absolutely beautiful. I love the vintage look and can easily imagine a Christmas tree filled with them. The tutorial for making these branch slice ornaments can be found at Craftideas.info.

5. Bark Owl

I’ve often wondered what kind of crafts could be made using bark that has fallen from trees. This little owl is super cute and a perfect use for the bark. All the information that you’ll need to make a bark owl can be found at Fireflies + Mud Pies.

6. Nature Filled Sun Catcher

This is a super easy craft that anyone can do. Nature has so many pretty things to contribute and you can make many, many of these without two of them being alike. Blue Bird Lucy’s is the site to visit to find the tutorial for making this sun catcher.

7. Elves

Wouldn’t these little elves make a perfect addition to a fairy garden? These guys are really cute. The howstuffworks site has the instructions for making the elves.

8. Halloween Pine Cone Flowers

9. Chestnut Worm

You’ll have the attention of all the little boys when you bring this craft idea to them. The directions at ARTSY ants include how to make the holes to string the chestnuts.

10. Nature Journal

Notice the cool twig binding on this nature journal. Making a journal before a nature walk lets you know where to put all your found treasures. Go to THE MAGNIFYING GLASS for the instructions on making the nature journal.

11. Nature Inspired Reindeer

What fun it’ll be to make this little twig legged reindeer. It’ll look great with your other Christmas décor. The tutorial for making this nature inspired reindeer can be found at PagingFunMums

12. Magazine Jewelry

This is really a beautiful piece of jewelry and to think it’s made with magazine pages. Find the instructions at craftstylish.

13. Maple Seed Dragonflies

A beautiful idea for using maple seeds and twigs. Imagine all the different colored dragonflies you can make. Filth Wizardry has the instructions for making dragonflies from maple seeds and twigs. An outstanding nature craft.

14. Hanging CD Turtle

It’s easy to find old or unwanted CD discs to use in crafts. At Kids & Glitter we glitter glued bling on one side and pieces of scrap paper on the other side before hanging our turtles.

15. Driftwood Cottages

These would look so nice placed in a garden, patio or flowerbed. Go to Craftster to find out how to make these cute cottages.

16. River Rock Mat

A great use for river rocks. Super easy to make and so very useful. Entirely Smitten has a tutorial on how to make this outstanding mat. I think I’m going to have to make this.

18. Painted Sticks

There really are no directions for painting these sticks, but there are more examples on the Molly Goldberg site.

19. Nature Weaving

This would be a terrific activity for a scout troop. Not only will the kids learn to weave, but they’ll also have the opportunity to make their own loom. Find the instructions on the Craftiments site.

20. Seed Mosaic

I love the looks of this seed art and would be proud to display it on a mantel. You’ll find the instructions at first palette.

22. Leaf Rubbings

Kids will love making leaf rubbings. This is a great rainy day or quiet time project. Go to Natural Suburbia to find out how this project is done.

23. Leaf Doll

Gather your supplies of twigs and leaves before starting this project and see how much fun it is to make a leaf doll. Go to Exploring Nature to find the instructions.

24. Calendar Page Weaving

We used calendar pages and wallpaper pages to weave these beautiful pictures. You’ll find this project, Calendar Paper Weaving, and many more projects using recyclables at the Kids & Glitter elementary art blog.

25. Framed Pressed Leaves

26. Gourd Village

This is a very thorough tutorial that tells how to prepare the gourds before making them into this cute gourd village craft. To find the tutorial, go to the BITTER BETTY BLOGS site. Imagine how long these will last, even after many hours of play time.

27. Winter Ice Light Catcher

Enjoy the looks of your winter ice light catcher all winter, and when spring comes treat the birds to the birdseed tucked inside. You’ll find the tutorial for making this light catcher at Rise and Shine.

28. Toy Slingshot

Acorn Pies shows you how to make this toy slingshot. A great time to stress safety practices with the kids too.

29. Branch Weaving

I’m going to be trying this with the grandkids this summer when they are camping. The instructions can be found at Natural Suburbia.

30. Willow Whistle

I’m sure the kids will love making, or at least playing with this willow whistle. Find out how to make it at WikiHow.

31. Driftwood Fish

Make beautiful reminders of your vacation like this driftwood fish. Creative in Chicago shares the tutorial.

32. Nature Walk Bracelet

This looks like a project for my grandkids and me. Find the instructions at Alphamom. What fun!!

33. Painted Campfire Rock Family

34. Painted Twig Monogram Letters

35. Sticks and Leaves Owl

36. Stone Pendants

This stone pendants project is simple and easy to make. The simple lines and dots make an interesting and unique necklace.

37. Shell Manger Ornament

If you want to make Christmas ornaments using the nature items you collected on your camping trip, try this little shell manger ornament.

38. Acorn and Marble Ornamnets

39. Imprinted Clay Necklace

One of the nicest nature crafts that I can think of is one that allows you to enjoy the results for a long time. I think this leaf imprinted clay necklace is a good example.

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