38 Inexpensive, Homemade Craft Supplies Recipes

Homemade craft supplies are a real money saver, especially if you need large quantities of the supply. In this article I’ll share the best homemade craft supply recipes, in my opinion, which I found on my internet search. I’ll also share the names of the craft sites where these recipes can be found.

Find the outstanding recipe for making homemade play dough, on the Kojodesigns site.

2. Moon Sand

Imagine the fun you can have with your little kids playing with this moon sand. The recipe for making moon sand can be found on the love and LAUNDRY site.

3. Chalksicles

Chalksicles is a really cute name for these sidewalk chalks. You can find out how to make them by following the tutorial at hello, Wonderful.

4. Sun Catcher Paint

You’ll find an outstanding recipe for sun catcher paint and a pumpkin project at first palette. This recipe works really well on glass and I’ve used it on a tinfoil craft.

5. How to Color Beans

There are so many ways to use colored beans in art and craft projects. It’s really great when you can color the beans yourself. The tutorial for making colored beans is found at Fun at Home with Kids.

6. Puffy Paint

Get a bunch of small squeeze bottles and make lots of colors of puffy paint. The kids will love making art projects with the puffy paint. Go to Get your mess on! for the recipe and instructions.

7. Faux Porcelain Roses

Make beautiful jewelry from faux porcelain that you’ve made yourself. Find the recipe and great tutorial at instructables.

8. Flubber or Silly Putty

Let the kids stretch, poke and play with this cold, slimy, solid dough. You’ll find the recipe at live craft eat.com.

9. Colored Glue

You know how much kids love to squeeze glue on a sheet of paper. You’ll make them really happy artists with this colored glue. Find the how-to at Pink and Green Mama.

10. Making Stickers

Oh, what a great time the kids will have making and then using stickers. SALT AND CHOCOLATE tells us how to make our own stickers. These hearts make me think that it would be fun to make Valentines too.

11. Bubbles Recipe

If you make your own bubbles solution, you no longer have to worry about the kids spilling it and being disappointed because it’s all gone. Find the recipe and instructions for making homemade bubbles at Acorn Pies and keep the kids happy.

12. Scratch Off Tickets

Haven’t you at times wondered if there was a way to make scratch off tickets? Suzy’s Sitcom has the recipe and also some great ideas for using the tickets.

13. Chalkboard Paint

Now you can make chalkboard paint in the exact color that you want. Also I like the idea that ATTEMPTING Aloha shows us that it doesn’t take a big batch of paint to make a project.

15. Paper Mache Paste

This is like the recipe that I’ve been using when making Old World Santas, but I use salt instead of sugar as a preservative. (In my experience it’s still best to use the paste within a couple of days, even if you refrigerate it.) Find the recipe and project at Mom Always Finds Out.

16. Glaze for Clay Crafts

17. Bread Dough Clay

Learn how to make bread dough clay and how to make items from it by going to wikiHow for the recipe and directions.

18. Glue Dots

Actually, The Graphic Fairy shows us how to make glue dots quickly and easily. I would really like to make my own glue dots, so I could always have the size I need.

19. Glitter

You’ll find out how to make your own glitter by following the directions at eHow mom.

20. Watercolors

You’ll not only get the recipe for the watercolors here at Magical Childhood, you’ll also get some great tips.

21. Play Dough

This is a great recipe for play dough and be sure to notice the dough made with neon food coloring. Go to instructables for the recipe.

22. Snow Clay

Imagine all the fun the kids, and you, will have making ornaments or figurines with this snow clay. Growing a Jeweled Rose is the site where you’ll find the recipe and tips on making this snow clay.

23. Doodle Paints

A lot like the puffy paint, also using ingredients you’d have on hand. Go to Delaware county moms for the recipe.

25. Icky Slime

Sticky, icky, awesome slime. That’s what little boys and girls love to get their hands in so they can shudder and scream. Find the recipe for this fine slime at Little Bins for Little Hands.

26. Texture Paste

When you want to add texture to your projects, simply make your own embossing and texture paste. You’ll find the recipe at The Dining Room Drawers.

27. Embossing Ink

If you like to scrapbook, you’ll love to know that you can make your own clear embossing ink. You’ll find the instructions for making the cheap and easy homemade clear embossing ink at Suzie’s Eclectic Scrapbook.

28. Watercolor Paints

Find the recipe for these bright and beautiful watercolor paints at Happy Hooligans.

29. Poster Paint

Create all sorts of beautiful colors when you are making this homemade poster paint. For the recipe and instructions for the poster paints, go to CraftyChild.com.

30. Polymer Clay

Whether you call it polymer clay or cold porcelain, this recipe will make beautiful jewelry, flowers or trinkets. Find the recipe at newyork TEAM.

31. Making Alcohol Inks

It’s a lot easier to make alcohol inks than you’d ever imagine. See just how easy it is by going to Brigit’s Daily Bytes for the tutorial.

32. Scented Soda Dough for Ornaments

You’ll enjoy making scented soda dough ornaments using the recipe for the dough given on the NORTHSTORY website.

33. Recondition Your Cricut

I realize that the Cricut isn’t the only cutting machine that uses the cutting mat, so I think this is a great tip for everyone with a cutting machine. Go to Fantabulous Cricut to see how easy and inexpensive it is to recondition your mat.

34. Fizzing Watercolors

I find it very interesting to try new painting techniques and this one, fizzing watercolors, has me itching to try it. The instructions for making the fizzing watercolors can be found on the Fun at Home with Kids site.

35. Silvery Snow Paint

I know that when you see this recipe you’ll start planning on projects to use this silvery snow paint. Especially on the snowman and winter scene art projects. Find out how to make this paint by going to Growing a Jeweled Rose for the recipe.

36. Salt Dough

Make a snowman or other ornaments using the salt dough recipe and instructions found at firstpalette.

37. Homemade Glue

You’ll find this homemade glue recipe at I can TEACH my child. It uses supplies that everyone has on hand.

38. Galaxy Playdough

Dark and glittery are two words that describe this playdough. Find the recipe at Fairy Dust Teaching.

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