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Have you ever wanted to stitch up a quick little doll to give as a gift or one to add a touch of whimsy to the decor in a particular room? Maybe you were looking for a free doll pattern because you wanted to try your hand at doll making and were wondering if you would enjoy the craft.

I’ve searched through many of the doll making sites to find and share only the ones that included free patterns for making dolls.I hope you enjoy looking at all the different dolls that I’ve found and that you’ll be enticed into making one of them.

To make the cute Annie La Bouche doll shown above, go to DOLLMAKER’S JOURNEY.

3. Zombie Dolls

You’ll find the tutorial for making the zombie dolls at therm-o-web.

4. Easy Baby Doll

This easy baby doll could be said to be super easy to make. No arms or legs, just cuddled in a snuggle blanket.

5. Sleepy Baby Dolls

These sleepy baby are sooo cute and would make some little child extremely happy. You’ll find the dolls easy to make with the directions and patterns given at Melodies Plus.

6. Fancy Nancy

How about making Fancy Nancy in your teenager’s school colors? You’ll find the directions and patterns for Fancy Nancy at Judith Prior.

7. Silly Girl

This is one of those little dolls where, when you make one, you want to make a basket of them. Go to Crafty Carnival for the directions and pattern.

9. Cathy Applehead

Another outstanding doll with directions and pattern included. Go to sweet tidings to get the information.

10. Baby Doll

Just a little baby doll to capture the heart of a little girl. Go to Coloured Buttons to find the pattern and instructions.

12. Quilted Angel

Everything about this little angel is so cute, from the fabric used to the little heart that the angel is holding. Find the pattern and instructions for making this angel at Ulla’s Quilt World.

13. Prairie Flower

A cute little doll with an early American flair. You’ll find the directions and pattern for this little prairie doll at By Hook, By Hand.

14. American Girl Dress Pattern

15. No-Sew Fairy Doll

This is for all the crafters who aren’t into sewing. The cute little no-sew fairy will be a hit with the little ones.

16. Quaint and Quirky Rag Doll

If you love making unique dolls, be sure to check out this doll. You’ll find the easy to understand tutorial at Quaint & Quirky.

17. Angel Doll

If you are looking for an easy doll pattern, this should fill the bill. Check out the instructions and pattern at Heart of Mary.

20. Peaches the Angel

Peaches is just the cutest little angel. You’ll find the directions and patterns for this doll at Judi’s Dolls.

22. Elli, Connor and Chloe

Make both a boy and a girl fabric doll by finding and following the directions and patterns at Make It & Love It. These dolls are named Elli, Connor and Chloe.

23. Doll Garland

Make a beautiful doll garland for a baby, little girl’s or teen girl’s room by following the tutorial that you’ll find at Love, Charla Anne.

24. Modest Mermaids

You’ll find the patterns and instructions for making these modest mermaid dolls at THE CRAFTING FIEND. One of these mermaids would be a great gift for a little girl because little girls seem to love mermaids.

25. Kitty Rag Doll

If this rag doll kitty is made in the colors to match her bedroom, a teenage girl will love this kitty. Find the patterns and tutorial at THE CRAFTING FIEND. A very cute and easy project to make. A cute Valentine gift?

27. Santa Ornament Doll

Imagine all the ways you could use these super cute felt Santas. You’ll find the instructions for making the Santa at Wrights.

28. Felt Paper Doll

This is such a cute idea and so simple. Make felt paper dolls out of using the free patterns included.

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