25 Free Halloween Ghost Crochet Patterns

Classic spooky ghosts, cute cuddly ghosts and cool hipster ghosts: All sorts of ghostly crochet projects have been gathered here to ensure a spooktacular Halloween! Your search is over: This article features the best free Halloween ghost crochet patterns the internet has to offer. Get your crochet hook out and get in the Halloween spirit by making one or more of these ghostly ghouls!

2 – Halloween Ghost Amigurumi

You can practically hear this ghost say “Booooo”. It has its arms raised and is trying to scare us! The ghost has a flat bottom (strenghtened with a piece of plastic canvas), so it is free standing.

The pattern is very clear and easy to follow!

3 – Kawaii Style Baby Ghost

This little ghost is far too cute to be scary! Its red blushes and tiny arms certainly add to its charms. It will It makes a great cuddly Halloween decoration or gift.

The pattern is not too complicated and can be accessed after free registration on the Amigurumipatterns website.

4 – Teru Teru Bozu

A teru teru bozu (“shine shine monk”) is a small Japanese handmade doll made of cloth hung out of the window by a string. As an amulet it is supposed to bring good weather and stop rain. So making a whole bunch of them will guarantee a beautiful day for trick-or-treating!

The pattern is in English and Japanese!

5 – Adorable Girl Ghost

This adorable girl ghostie features many cute details: the little tail, the hands with thumbs and ofcourse the black little bow! The designer suggests adding a rattle element to the little ghost so your baby can be the coolest this Halloween!

The pattern is available in Spanish and English.

6 – Boo!tiful Candy Bowl

Let’s face it: Halloween is all about the candy! With its ghost decorations and black/orange color scheme this cute little candy bowl will certainly add to the Halloween festivities – especially when filled ofcourse!

This pattern can be downloaded after free registration at the Lionbrand website.

7 – Little Halloween Ghosts

Have a spooooooky Halloween with these classic crochet ghosts! Both small and large sizes are cute, work up quickly and definitely get you in the Halloween mood!

This pattern makes both small (2.5 inches tall) and large (3.5 inches) ghosts.

8 – Classy Little Ghost

Ghostie is indeed a classy little ghost: his bow tie is knotted perfectly! This Casper-inspired ghost is a true Halloween treat!

The pattern is available in English in a free ebook that can be downloaded after leaving your name and email.

9 – Who Ya Gonna Call Ghost

Who ya gonna call? Well, nobody because this little ghost is just too adorable to chase away! Look at them: they just want to cuddle with those cute little hands and arms! Make them in both sizes and use glow-in-the-dark safety eyes for an extra spooky result.

The pattern is available for both the small and large ghost and contains a lot of photos for extra clearity.

10 – Friendly Ghost Family

Halloween is a great time to spend with family. Did you know that even Halloween ghosts have families? So crochet them all and don’t forget their cute little bows!

The pattern is very clear and illustrated with many photos.

11 – Colorful Little Ghosts

These cute little colorful ghosties are made in one piece from top to bottom. Make them in all your favorite Halloween colors and get yourself in the Halloween mood!

The pattern is available in Polish, but thanks to Google Translate this doesn’t have to be a problem!

12 – Cute Ghost Applique

This cute ghost applique can be decorated with all the different bling you want. Make them to put on headbands, gift bags, cards, treat plates or even a whole lot for a banner!

The pattern uses a variety of crochet stitches and work up quickly.

The YouTube video below shows a somewhat similar pattern for an applique ghost!

13 – Cute Little Ghost

It just isn’t Halloween without cute little ghosts! This particular one has cute button eyes, blushed cheeks and even some cuffs on its sleeves!

The pattern can be downloaded for free on the Craftsy website.

14 – Classic Ghost

This cute ghost has a classic look: from his little black eyes to the doily finish! It’s a very nice project to get you in the Halloween mood!

The pattern is free!

15 – Ghostly Lights Necklace

Using a green glow stick this ghostly necklace will look extra spooky in the dark! Instructions on how to attach the glow stick are included. Make a very cool Halloween necklace or a truly awesome garland!

The pattern works up quickly and is very clear.

16 – Crochet Ghost Garland

These ghosties are the perfect beginner Halloween project. Make a lot of them with chunky yarn and googly eyes and your garland will be the best thing about Halloween this year!

This pattern is very clear and has lots of wonderful pictures.

17 – Boo Ghosts

This must be one of the most popular patterns for Halloween ghosts out there. The little ghosts are fun, cute and ready to party! So get your crochet hook out and get in the Halloween mood with the little Boo ghosts!

The pattern is clear and concise!

18 – Ghost Lights And Magnets

Make a very Halloweeny garland with these cute little googly eyed ghosts and light them up with some LEDs! Or attach a magnet and make very scary fridge magnets! Either way you’ll find that just making one will nót be enough!

The pattern is available in Spanish – so hit that Google Translate button!

19 – Genie The Ghost

This cute little guy is waiting for you to create him this Halloween! He is a simple and sweet little ghost that will help get you in the Halloween mood!

The pattern can be downloaded from the Lionbrand website after free registration.

20 – Ghostly Napkin Rings

Using plastic rings as a base these Halloween ghostly napkin rings are quick and simple to work up. Make them for your family Halloween party or your children’s classroom!

The pattern can be downloaded for free and is very clear.

21 – Boo The Small Ghost

With its little Halloween hat at a jaunty angle this cute little ghost can stand by itself and will brighten up your Halloween celebrations.

The pattern is very clear and available in Spanish and English.

22 – Lollipop Ghost

This is a very simple and cute way to decorate special Halloween treats for your kids or even for yourself! The lollipop ghostie will bring a smile to Halloweeners of all ages!

The pattern is simple and works up quickly!

23 – Little Fall Ghostie

This easy and quick ghostie is a treat for every Halloween party! I love his wide base and cute little face. And if the color white is too boring for you make him in true Halloween candy corn colors!

The pattern for both the ghost and the candy corn variations is very clear and works up quickly.

24 – Ghost Coasters

Make these cute ghosts as coasters or even as a hanging decoration! Give your individual ghost coasters different expressions and decorations. This way your guests will never forget a very special Halloween!

The pattern is very clear and can be downloaded from the Redheart website. Need more instructions? Check out the YouTube video below!

25 – Ghostly Candy Bowl

These frollicking ghosts go trick or treating around this delightful bowl! Ghosts and pumpkins are crocheted separately and then sewn onto the black bowl.

The pattern is clear and works up quickly.

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