200 Greatest Power Ballads and Rock Love Songs of the 60s, 70s, and 80s

When you get immersed in the hypnotic depth of a ballad you cannot but help succumb to the warmth and nostalgia. Memories come alive the moment lyrics take you on a musical escapade in the past. When you listen to rock love songs, it’s that flashback moment you associate with that stirs a range of emotions within. You get overwhelmed when the lyrics in a ballad relate to your life. The 60s paved the way for rock ballads of the future. The folk and blues scene helped power ballads emerge in new light. High octane balladry reached a new level with soul music in the 60s. Many rock artists experimented with diverse genres bringing a unique identity to rock love songs.

The blues-rock sound that gained prominence in the late 60s propelled a new wave of ballads in the realms of rock. Acoustic rock ballads started becoming hugely popular in the 70s. Acoustic guitar intros and electro-acoustic pieces of instrumentation form an integral part of the signature rock ballad sound. Through the 70s the melodic approach in rock love songs evolved rhythmically. A melodic hard-rock sound started emerging in rock love songs towards the late 70s. Metal bands gave new identity to ballads in the 80s. The hair metal scene gained prominence in the 80s bringing to life a new sound in the form of power ballads. The hard edged melodic sound encompassed with high-pitched vocals gave power ballads in the 80s unique identity.

The AOR scene in the 80s gave new meaning to rock love songs. The popularity of power ballads in the 80s witnessed a significant rise in compilation albums. Record companies cashed on the glam metal trend by releasing power ballad collections and rock ballad collections. A number of rock bands played sellout venues in the 80s. At concerts many bands performed ballads from their albums in front of large crowds lighting up night skies with lighters. While rock love songs have evolved a great deal in this present age, the 60s, 70s and 80s remain the true decades of ballads.

The lines below showcase a diverse list of power ballads and rock love songs of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

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