Recently, the murder of George Floyd in the USA started a series of protests across the world against systemic racism and the murder of black people. Here, closer to home, while we all also shared the hashtag of Black Lives Matter, we conveniently forgot about the systemic murder of Dalits in our own backyard. 

Well, that’s why we decided to jog your memory a little bit. If you feel horrified after reading this, well, you should try Googling a bit more. 

Source: BBC
Source: Scroll
Source: Indian Express
Source: Countercurrents
Source: Tribune India
Source: The Wire
Source: Hindustan Times
Source: Deccan Chronicle
Source: Indian Express
Source: News18
Source: Hindustan Times

If you still believe casteism doesn’t exist anymore, well then congratulations on your privilege but you’re part of the problem. 

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