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At this second, our kidney recycles water, and the processes have already run since the first day we were born. Water is a source of life, source of energy, and source of damage on certain occasions.

Water has many interesting facts, and some are not very popular. In this post, I like to talk about ten exciting facts about waters. I hope you have never heard those before.

Our Body Made of Water – Fact 1

When we were just born, 80% of our body is water. After we grew up, the portion of water inside our body slightly lowered to 70%. From this number, 70% of it stays inside our heads.

Water on The Earth – Fact 2

Water dominances the space of our planet at a 71% ratio. 97% of it is saltwater, and the rest 3% of it is drinkable water. However, from 3% of drinkable water, 2% of it resides in North or South Poles. Human only enjoy 1% of the water that is available on the planet Water In the World

Water in The Body – Fact 3

Fact 3: Water can be poisonous and deathly when the number is overmuch. Consuming too much water at once can cause Hyper-Hydration and water intoxication. Both conditions commonly attack athletes or people who just performed intense aerobic or other exercises.

Water Vaporization – Fact 4

Fact 4: After vaporized, water molecule floats in the air for ten days before they return as visible substances. The number of water inside our planet is never changing, and our atmosphere saves water too. Every day approximately 43 trillion gallons of water are hanging over the sky of the US alone, and no one knows when the water will back to the ground.

The atmosphere of Earth Fact 5

Earth hosts around 326,000,000 cubic miles of water. 0.3 percent of the water is drinkable, and they float on aquifers, lakes crust, and rivers bed.

Water World – Fact 6

US Government facilitates its citizen with 60,000 federal water systems that deliver 34,000,000,000 gallons of freshwater daily. This water system serves 85% of the total US population. Independently, the rest 15% of the US population build and use their own private water system.

Water Consumption – Fact 7

Every day one American is spending eighty to one hundred gallons of water daily. He/she flushed 74% of the water in the toilet, 21% of it to clean his/her laundry, and 5% of it to complete his/her rituals in the kitchen.

Thirst – Fact 8

Feel thirsty is an alarm that our body just lost its 1 percent of water, and they need a refill.

Water Consumption In Body – Fact 9

Conducting physical exercises do not instantly cut some fat inside our body. We are a bit lighter after the workout because we are just losing view percent of the water out of our body. We have already heard a common mistake like this many times already.

Water Intoxication – Fact 10

Without Pipelines and aqueducts, impossible, we cannot see metropolitan cities, buildings, and apartments. In the cities of the US and Canada, we can find nearly a million miles of aqueducts and pipelines that connect houses and water reservoirs located outside the town. The long water pipes are capable of circulating the earth 40 times. This is our last water facts, and I hope you enjoy what you already read.

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